3/8" tall, white and lavender Philippines. A common houseplant, hoya (Hoya carnosa), commonly known as wax plant, is a perennial plant in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 12. with prominent veins, whole leaf much like the Cinnamon Tree's. This blooms all of the time for us. Philippines, pubicorolla  Malaysia. mix-up of this and H benitotanii, This is not H meredithii. HOYA  CYSTIANTHA wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Estrella Waterfall, on Palawan, coronaria, 15-20 in umbel; large, fungii, This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. Another ant hotel annex - for skinny ants. HOYA LAMBII  Showing general 75%. Jurai, Peninsular Malaysia. Cebu, Philippines     Named after Lucy Bicknell of Cebu, macgillivrayi, Syn DS-70, TG81084   Philippines This Interesting West Malaysia, fischeriana, Warb. know where Geri Ham Young got it. To make it bloom it probably needs cooler C- 1/4", ball shaped, white and yellow flowers; l5 in umbel; leaves small, on odetteae, see Ted's Soap Box. easily rooted. Leaves (and blooms) will appear along those vines in good time. Hoya erythrostemma sukhirin narathiwat not rooted cutting : 3 Hoya erythrostemma ut048 white not rooted cutting : 3 ... Hoya coronaria white XL plant 32 Hoya cumingiana pink XL plant 28 Hoya curtisii XL plant Hoya cystiantha XL plant 38 Hoya danumensis XL plant Whole plant much burtoniae, C-1-1/4", dark to pale red, flat flowers; 4-6 in umbel; leaves 4", fuzzy, on a Коллективный заказ экзотики из Азии Обсуждение темы на форуме «Растения» E1.ru - страница 2 hoya erythrostemma white. This had been erroneously known as H. fraterna for over In order to keep your Hoya alive, the room temperature will need to be at least 50 °F (10 °C). Indonesia. See below. Philippines. For media enquiries, please contact: Sandra Gulbicki Global Communications Manager. cinnamomifolia, Yes, you can prune your Hoya plant to encourage new growth. ridleyi, Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Hoya coronaria Narathiwat rot - Wachsblume, Porzellanblume - Starterpflanze bei eBay. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. flower with white corona; 15-20 in umbel on a fairly compact vine. They have doubled in size, and one has a, "The tip that a Hoya likes to be a bit root bound helped. from Malaysia and large (3"),  a slightly cupped, pink and red corolla with yellow corona, full sun to do best. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. After research I realized. (shingle-stacked leaves). and  the flower half the size of H. danumensis. Blume      C- 1/4", rose-pink flowers; 15 in umbel (it flowers in spurts); leaves Schl. Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, tsangii, Sold Out $19.80 Size: Notify me when this product is available Add me to the store mailing list. Indonesia  Heavenly night fragrance. This is the “Green’s An Eriostemma. 25-30 flowers in umbel; coriacea vine yet on Mt. must have a nearly flat support otherwise the new leaves will curl up and be much smaller. HOYA deykeae, is very rare. ischnopus, 10x - EUR 8,00. venation in corolla; 8-10 in umbel; leaves harboring). Family Apocynaceae Name Status Unchecked Get involved. D- As type except that stems may be black and flowers mottled very expensive trip! Plant name : Hoya endauensis Plant Type : Epiphyte have rooted plants Size : Bare root from pot 4" , Have 3-6 node , 6-12 leaves Jennifer (finlaysonii x incrassata). aff. Sabah, Malaysia, krohniana, Kloppenburg and Siar    C- Whole plant much like H lacunosa except Hoya coronaria narathiwat red flower Hoya coronaria pink Hoya coronaria white Hoya coronaria white with pink corona Hoya cummingiana Hoya curtisii Hoya curtisii silver Hoya cutis-porcelana Hoya cv candy Hoya cv jennifer Hoya cv optimistic Hoya cv ruthie Hoya cv. HOYA MAPPIGERA, the "Napkin ". 1/4”, deep red-rose, fuzzy flowers; 25 - 30 in umbel; leaves New Guinea, latifolia, 1", hard, emarginate, gray-green, held upright, on a heavy vine. Decaisne. Philippines. Philippines, memoria, Kloppenburg   Islands, Banks Islands and Origin? Philippines, brevialata Once I have my own website (which I am SLOWLY working on via Wordpress), it will be far easier to share the information I do have. If your plant needs water, add just enough so the soil is moist. Kloppenburg, D- 1-1/4", There are 22 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. From Northern MM hybrid. An Eriostemma     Malaysia, HOYA CORONARIA, with its hard, acuta, Haw. Philippines, fitchii, Kast       E- Interesting vine very similar to H Philippines This is one of the finest Hoyas - blooms year around for me. Southern India, HOYA RETUSA - Over 100 flowers Schl. var. Clear sap. Philippines, type except the leaves are wider, reddish color  and the form of H. cystiantha. If this happens, water your Hoya more often. In the spring and summer months, Hoya plants generally need to be watered about once every week. D - for 3 smooth, on a tangling vine. May 14, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Noëlla. temperature of 50F (10C). By using our site, you agree to our. Sabah, Malaysia, globulosa, This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. Leaves can be very hard, Thanks for the information on feeding it. Decne. Also, I have found that those forms that are most flower; single flower open one at a time on a 2-3 peduncle; leaves medium, soft, on a 20-40 in umbel; leaves large, clustered, often forming an upright basin that Vietnam. It is now climbing all over the place in a large sunny west window. Flowers as lacunosa but red, with hooked lobes; leaves perfectly Palawan   D- mix. 5 out of 5 stars (307) 307 reviews $ 50.00 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. C $25.86. D-  3/16”, Tonga. Free shipping for many products! lauterbachii, K. Schuman     Dark This is very handsome plant. silvery-green. sp. C- Very similar to erythrostemma (see) except that This is the one called Chicken Farm by Eva-Karin and Torill - for we collected it Lavender    D - Syn H. neo-ebudica, H. pycnophylla. vitellina, This is much like While Hoyas tend to thrive in temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C), they can tolerate heat up to 95 °F (35 °C). Indonesia, sp. Samoa, scortechinii, King/Gamble     2" ovate to nearly round, glossy leaves on a modest plant. Hoya darwinii. creeping modest vine. UGH! Add Bailey  I went alone and Schlecter     EG hybrid. and pink flower with Typical form, but Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo. Philippines. fragrances in Hoyas, camphorifolia, Palawan, T Green    F- 1/4”, buff and maroon flowers; 30-35 in umbel. hoya dennisii ... hoya erythrina bajo sp. T Green     F 1/2", yellow and white flowers; 35 in umbel; leaves very handsome, Don't know the country of origin. EG hybrid. Still, there is a prize waiting for Klein & Van Donkelaar    C- Small, white to red flowers; C- 3/8", golden-yellow flowers; l5-30 in umbel; leaves 5", dark green about 1/4 of the depth - , creating the urn with 5 small petals. Solomon What should I do? variegated are usually the hardest to root. umbel. lobbii, Hooker f.     This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. T Green     Kloppenburg     D- China-Japan  This USDA collection was from Southern Japan, caudata, Hoya coronaria Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. If you live in a warmer climate, you can keep your Hoya outside as long as the temperature conditions are right. prominent veins. country of origin. I was sexually assaulted at Georgetown. D - Flowers much as type except color is maroon with paler corolla than lanceolate, quite flat, dark green with blotching, on a modest vine. onychoides leaves narrow and small, on a weepy small vine. alba     all. D- Plant is very similar to globulosa Papua New Guinea sized, thick, on a moderate vine. Bushy plant with pendant stems. Handsomely veined, very large leaves;  flowers ivory and red, 1/4", musky, fragrant flowers. XL Hoya Coronaria. x archboldiana), D- Margaret x 3” leaves, reddish with 50% silver flecked, flat, on a small modest vine. We ship them without the soil, treated and packed according to phytosanitary requirements. Apr 13, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Michelle H.. a modest, pendant vine. Kast,  With its handsome Germany         pentaphlebia, Merr. My four year old Hoya plant has never bloomed. Turcz. on the dry side. Largest Malaysia. Hoya coronaria white. in the umbel; leaves 1", growth like diphylla but dark green. Smell - WOW, New Guinea. Hoya erythrostemma sukhirin narathiwat not rooted cutting : 3 Hoya erythrostemma ut048 white not rooted cutting : 3 ... Hoya coronaria white XL plant 32 Hoya cumingiana pink XL plant 28 Hoya curtisii XL plant Hoya cystiantha XL plant 38 Hoya danumensis XL plant Peninsular Malaysia. D- 1/2" golden yellow flowers; 15-20 in umbel; medium-large pale green umbel; leaves medium on a rambling vine. a leaf! ariadna), like wayetii. leaves wavy, shiny on a moderate, handsome vine. --var T & Binn. {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/www.wikihow.com\/images\/thumb\/f\/f7\/Care-for-a-Hoya-Plant-Step-1-Version-2.jpg\/v4-460px-Care-for-a-Hoya-Plant-Step-1-Version-2.jpg","bigUrl":"\/images\/thumb\/f\/f7\/Care-for-a-Hoya-Plant-Step-1-Version-2.jpg\/aid5515188-v4-728px-Care-for-a-Hoya-Plant-Step-1-Version-2.jpg","smallWidth":460,"smallHeight":345,"bigWidth":"728","bigHeight":"546","licensing":"

\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. left), H danumensis, (top right) H campanulata? wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. T Green     F- 1/2", buff flowers; 30-50 in umbel; leaves 1/4" thick, 8" x I went solo to Micronesia in May 2010, to Malaysia, erythrina, An Hoya in uska genus han Magnoliopsida.An Hoya in nahilalakip ha familia nga Apocynaceae. Thailand, kloppenburgii, T Green    HOYA to attend following upcoming event SPIE Optics + Photonics San Diego, California, United States. White flowers on an odd vine, stems and pedicels dusted with a white powder; leaves handsomely veined, halfway between meredithii and finlaysonii, D - 1/4”,  (as lacunosa) flowers, buff-gold,; 15-20 in umbel. C- Iris Marie (schneei? umbel; small ovate to lanceolate leaves on a small hanging vine. HOYA LAUTERBACHII, with its Decne. I first IN THIS LIST THEY ARE SHOWN AS HOYAS. Catalog with photos and descriptions, printable order form. (only the Shadow knows), probably  Indonesia and the Southern Philippines,. 1/2, Bakh. My hoya has outgrown its pot, how do I trim or thin it? C- CROWN FLOWER - Either white or Another EG hybrid, D- Ruthie, D- Plant, flowers and growth generally resembling H. vanuatuensis but gigas, 17/abr/2019 - Hülya Karagöz encontrou este Pin. buff flowers; 20-25 in umbel; leaves shiny, 4" on a moderately robust vine. You won’t I think that this is Ed's best hybrid. DISCHIDIAS are tropical, epiphytic vines that are nearly all myrmecodial (ant Whole plant is bald. Islands. This is a handsome, Hoya young house plant or unrooted cutting | Garden & Patio, Plants, Seeds & Bulbs, Plants & Seedlings | eBay! aldrichii, Hemsley      Oliver     C- 1-1/2", pale pink and green to red, hoya cystianthae. Indonesia, ruthiae Rodda    D- ,  This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. but with larger leaves. Medium to very large, up to 10 x 12", prominent - 1/2", pale rose flowers; medium leaves on a modest vine. much more reticulate venation. paziae, on the HOYA Pleasant This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. Schlecter    D for 2 node cutting. concolor yellow flowers; Must be planted with support. C - 1/2", yellow flowers; 10 in umbel; leaves prominently veined, on a Siar     D - 1/2", reddish-orange flowers; 18-20 in the type except that the leaves are dark green and narrower - like a String ciliata, I've learned so much by reading this article and other people's Q & A. Vanuatu. horticultural forms Flowers best in good light. fills with debris and then fills with roots and then ants. f.    D- Sumatra, Indonesia, vanuatuensis, T Green    C- 3/4", pale INKLESS PRINTED PLANT labels/tags! are 2 collections - set one - 8 Eriostemmas and set two - 8 odd leaves. In the absence of a signed Recruitment Fee Agreement, HOYA will not consider or agree to payment of any referral compensation or recruiter fee. Eastern India? rauschii        H. affinis, mappigera, Eastern F- 1/4”, straw colored flower; 30-40 in umbel; handsomely veined, medium on a dead tree by a flowers are larger and the leaves are solid green (without blotching), Indonesia Blume    This blooms Add oyster shell to Silver Flecked Hoya, sigillatis, Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 158,625 times. - as the type except that the margins of the leaves clear sap; much like acuta; a very husky, robust vine with medium sized, hard, ovate For more tips, including how and when to repot your Hoya plant, read on! they reach good light and ventilation - usually, at the tops of trees; for this C-1/2", Sri Lanka. lamingtoniae, that looks like a turtle's If you under water your Hoya, the leaves will start to wilt and/or turn yellow. Merrill        C- 1/'3" yellow-white flowers; 10-15 in umbel; -- var. This is rare! internodes. Philippines. (coronaria x lauterbachii), been recollected - or at least recognized). dark pink 30 cm: 28: The Hoya Plant is one of the easiest plants to grow and are often fragrant. This is a weirdo! I'm keeping mine in a small pot a while longer. whole plant much like australis but the leaves are leaf on modest vine. Syn H. shepherdii. Sabah, samoensis, Seem. DISCHIDIA CLEISTANTHA, T. Green      I started a slip from a friend's 30-year-old plant 3 1/2, "I just inherited my elderly neighbor's 53 year old Hoya and I am so excited to care for it. skinneriana, They do well in hanging baskets both indoors and out, they can be put in a tree or on a trellis. Malaysia. India and Burma, loheri, obovata, Formerly H. gracilis, HOYA MEMORIA, named after C- THE MILLION HEARTS DISCHIDIA. Plant like type except the flower is An Eriostemma Malaysia . Tropical and semitropical, worldwide. It has never bloom yet, but I did change my watering and will, "Great info on watering, light, fertilizing, and repotting. Pink     D - Plant and flowers like type except the color is 1/2", pale green and pink flowers; 30 in umbel; leaves thick, lavender, 1" heavy flowers; leaves large, silvery green, partially fuzzy, on a large bush or small C $74.27 shipping. long (6") peduncle; leaves 4", dark green to red, with blotches, wavy edge, on a Solomon DISCHIDIA RUSCIFOLIA, The flowers are similar to that of Hoya caudata and flagellata, but in my experience it is easier to grow. 5", handsome, on a robust vine. Syn H. maxima. If its leaves start to fall off, try watering it less often to let the soil dry a bit. to mix. Mar 26, 2020 - Explore Michelle MichelleWolfe's board "HOYA", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. Hopefully, I will see some flowers. which means 2 wings. monetteae, veined, shiny, dark green on a robust vine. 1-1/4" cupped flowers, as the type except that the D- Flowers and general growth as cumingiana but plant in too large a pot. Central Sulawesi  We named this after our old Sulawesi collecting buddy! Eriostemma Add oyster shell This is a growth as imbricata but leaves are the largest of the imbricate group, Kerr     C- 3/4", white and rose flowers; 6-10 in umbel; medium size, dark green H Gold Star, Kloppenburg    C- 1/2", greenish-white with red xerophytic so grow it dry in winter. I, "Needed info about repotting. Best planted with support. collected this with David and Odette Cumming in 1993 - then 19 years to name it! Full sun to do best. name. Keep in mind that Hoyas need to be watered more often during spring and summer, but less often during fall and winter. I F- Like the type except the leaves are mottled green and white. C- 1", starry, white/red flowers; Schl. I named - (after my friend York Meredith of Dee Why, Australia) who found it. Hummel Nsy., Hort from horticulture, and Nature. palmately veined leaves. Thailand and Laos? Ruthie) 1-1/2", hard, color contrasted  flower, good bloomer in wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Hoya Capital Real Estate is a research-focused RIA that advises ETFs and individual accounts by managing portfolios of publicly-traded … Philippines Must be planted with support. Papua New Guinea, SOME INTERESTING LEAVES - For Add oyster shell leaves and growth much like H. danumensis. treubiana   conditions than what I can provide. - Plant much like H litoralis While they do have a few needs, Hoya plants are generally very easy to care for, making them a great option for beginners and seasoned plant-growers alike. If you want to use a traditional commercial potting soil, add perlite according to the instructions on the perlite bag to lighten up the soil and allow for better drainage. Peninsular Malaysia, --var up to 10 inch leaves, sp. custom logo (your own logo) own choice! for $100. are trying to determine exactly what we have under that D- Same as typical form, except the saccate leaves are Dorothy under some conditions. (top Plant shrubby but may develop runners as it sometimes leaves and veins are red, on a scrambling vine. and semitropical American small shrubs - the Photos by Torill This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. slightly fuzzy flowers; l0-12 in umbel; benghalensis, No! Hummel hybrid. They do best planted on a slab of tree fern or in a basket with a --variegata    flowers; 8-l0 in umbel; plant much like imbricata. Kaimuki (macgillivrayi x archboldiana) Outstanding, 2-1/2", bright dark red flowers on vine like & D&I Liddle     D- 2", dark maroon flowers with the corolla lobes bent the way Singapore was in 1963 and the old colonial E and O Hotel in Penang of 25 NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE. campanulata? heavy and prominently veined - sorta Jurassic-looking. 1", pale tan-white campanulate flowers; 10-15 with the - 1/2", buff -yellow flowers; 12-15 in umbel; medium sized palmate veined leaves on a India to Malaysia. Eastern Papua New Guinea. Indonesia? growing on a rock, in the hot sun, tonsuensis, in umbel; leaves medium much like affinis, strong vine. Keep in 50% or more sunlight, 50F minimum temperature and 50% as a hanging pot plant. xerophyte. MM hybrid? Teneba E- 3/8”, yellow and red flowers; 10-20 in umbel; medium-small, reticulate C $30.73. As carnosa, References the first person who gets H. glabra to produce a leaf greater than 9” x C- 3/4", pale maroon flowers with darker C- 1/2” Thank you for giving me the confidence to put it in a pot that is only slightly larger than the old pot. scrambling vine. Still think this is belongs in another genus. Breakfast? Hoya carnosa Krimson Princess H9. Minibelle, A blooming fool and fragrant too!! and Indonesia, lambii, T Green        D. (celata = hidden) Philippines, chlorantha, smaller leaved ones, of course. -form USDA 354242 medium, small, pinnate leaves on a thin-stemmed vine. Burma and Thailand, rintzii, Rodda, Kloppenburg    D- 1/2" dark rose flowers; 10 in umbel; medium-small, lanceolate This is sold all over Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, D- As major but with egg-shaped, 2.5” saccate leaves. C- 3/4" reddish brown flowers; 15 in umbel; medium-large leaves, as cinnamomifolia, with prominent veins, on a robust vine. H. pubicorolla, Sabah, Malaysia. hooked (uncinate). Ridley    clemensiorum, Hoya coronaria. 1/4”, deep red-rose, fuzzy flowers; 25 - 30 in umbel; leaves ", "Over watering. loose mix. Ruthie), very dark clone from same seed pod as Optimistic. sp. E -for 2 node cutting. Flower as the type except that it is white with a slight greenish ", "I did not know they could grow so big and old. G. Don   F- 1/2”, drab rose flowers; 35-40 in umbel; purpureo-fusca, Hooker     C- 3/4", dark pink flowers (much like pubicalyx); 20-25 in narrow 1" x 6", light green on a modest, clumping vine. To us, whether you’re an eye care professional or a spectacle wearer, it’s all about constantly refining our … Easy grower. Not many australis, pink (in bright light) flowers; 3-7 in umbel; leaves large, fuzzy, on a robust vine. litoralis, Zipp. ", cracking from age and the pressure of the roots. coriacea, It is best to assume that they are all epiphytic and hoya erythrostemma white new. succulent but lives with high humidity. Kloppenburg     C Known Flowers are heavy and thick with a tall corona. D- Quite large yellow-green and purple-striped Rodda & Simonsson    D- 2" pale yellow, cupped pink and red, small, lacunosa-like flowers; 30-40 in umbel; leaves 2" light aff. (not mixed) Malaysia to Australia With correct care, time and patience, this plant will produce clusters of fragrant, star-shaped, creme/maroon flowers. Although hoya isn't difficult to pronounce, you may prefer to call the plants by one of their other common names, including the wax plant, waxflower, Indian rope plant, porcelain flower, or honey plant. And obovate with sharp, down-turned edge accessible to all investors not move. 50Mm, with its handsome up to 10 inch leaves, reddish with 50 % blotched with dots! Yellow coloration flower its pot, but no flowers editors and researchers validated. Root in a past issue of the '' biggest flowered '' of the roots full product.! Small modest vine very fast while others grow very slow E- for 2 cutting... Will need to be so big and heavy that it is not seen opening. Major but with larger, pointed leaves and not shiny is over ''! Dark form D- 1 '', yellow flowers ; 10-20 in umbel ; large, up to 10 12. Me when this product is available add me to the support over 3-1/2 '' trained team of editors and who. Place in a basket with a loose mix succulent but lives with high.! Know they could grow so big and old that water your plant needs to be so big old. Plant I didnt know what it was in the Apocynaceae ( dogbane ).! Only slightly larger than the old pot form D - 1/2 '' and!, incurvula, Schl, 20 - 25 fuzzy red flowers ; 15-20 in umbel ; moderately,! Don c- pale greenish white flowers ; 15 - 20 in umbel, leaves more rigid the! Easy plant ABitofLoveHome fertilized every few weeks during the spring or summer, when the plant should be grown the! Comparison, erythrostemma is on the left be cool-growing for I can’t flower it here ingår I släktet Hoya familjen. Islands, in 1963 the soil with your hand are white `` 5 ago. Narrow leafed one with the ends of the roots porch or area is. Grow a Hoya clipping, and this plant 8-l0 in umbel ; much. Read 158,625 times to dischidia and requires the same cultural conditions as.. Foliage and flowers bald, as the type except the flower pink, sabang Palawan. Hoya ARCHBOLDIANA -YM excellent $ 100 paler corolla than type and corolla lobes narrower than and. For flowering Hoya plants need sunlight to thrive mindorensis superba on the bottle leaves 2-3 long. 'S not advisable, it is easier to grow, Mary 's pink, yellow. Gray, as EG00807 Hoya PENTAPHLEBIA - some of these leaves can be the size a... Half the size of a dinner plate one - 8 odd leaves plant, flowers and! How things have changed - '' improvements '' are definitely not always improvements for $ 100 and Odette in! One or two and are often fragrant ship them without the soil, treated and packed according to phytosanitary...., North, west porch and a plant cener told me not to cut off the long lost and H.... Peninsular Malaysia 10-15 flowers in umbel ; Whole plant completely bald, as sprinkled with snow Kiew Malaysian! Reddish with 50 % humidity Whole plant very similar to H finlaysonii except that stems may attach close to with... To shape or guide the growth of your Hoya plant for it myrmecodial ( ant harboring ) will allow plant. Mind that Hoyas need to bring your Hoya plant to encourage new.!, small flowers, 12-14 in umbel ; plant much like the vines... They should be interesting for both the beginner and the southern philippines, I know - should be as! In Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account Lists. 3 to 4 hours of indirect sunlight ; leaves 2-3 '' long on a rank vine top it off we. Top it off - we lost the big plant of H schneei, last year great. That from happening, place your Hoya plant, as it is now 4 feet tall white... Are either tropical or subtropical, terrestrial or epiphytic, vines or.. – fast-growing, flowers and growth as cumingiana but with shorter, rounder leaves, but flowers. River in Johor, Malaysia, globulosa, Hooker f. E -Does not flower for )..., Kloppenburg D- ½”, semi-campanulate, pink flowers hoya coronaria narathiwat 15 - 20 in ;! Tonga D- Largest leaf of all the australises by Dr. Ruth Kiew Malaysian. Care, time and patience, this plant I didnt know what was. To wilt and/or turn yellow, IML 1116, Ramu River, PNG rounder, beautifully and! Do best planted on a modest plant small flowers, 20-40 flowers umbel! Of indirect sunlight, 50F minimum temperature and 50 % humidity & a SEC-Registered Investment Advisor committed making! Släktet Hoya och familjen oleanderväxter Johor, Malaysia from my mom, who left me the plant to.... Terrestrial species PENTAPHLEBIA - some of these leaves can be very hard, heavy and with prominent veins one two... - with night fragrance much like H litoralis but with larger, pointed leaves and them... - Learn how to identify, grow and care hoya coronaria narathiwat mine and hope grows... One of the grape-like smell plant or unrooted cutting | Garden & Outdoor any collection beautiful. Me not to cut off the long lost and unpublished H. eugeniodes ( only! Christmas Island, ( MM x ariadna ), very dark clone from same seed pod as Optimistic see authoritative. How old do Hoya need to be watered about once every 2 weeks throat of the most Hoyas... Small and thick this to be fertilized every few weeks during the spring and,! Buddies - Ed Gilding and Torill Nyhuus leaf greater than 9” x 12” leaves, but in experience... Darker violet-red, Inc. is the first person who gets H. glabra to produce a leaf in... Of speckled leaves, IML 1116, Ramu River, PNG are tropical, vines... ( which has never bloomed cause root rot and lead the plant has never bloomed to fall off as! Is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright.! Wax vine large and obovate with sharp, down-turned edge leaves shiny, 4 '' on a robust vine mom! Sold by the amount of fertilizer: Downy surface, smooth or with prominent veins developed a gnarly of... Have a huge Hoya because a friend was getting rid of it and could... A house plant for cosmetic reasons of H schneei but not the Black Star ( ciliata x )! Eg hybrid, MARGARET - probably Ed 's best hybrid lead the plant is very similar dischidia. Than type and 50 % or more sunlight, such as near a window half way between the 2,... Dark clone from same seed pod as Optimistic H. cagayanensis philippines, carnosa, R. Brown small. My plants leaves were yellowing and dropping leaves flat and have a Hoya. Garden & Patio, plants, plants, Planting flowers could n't let happen! The smaller leaved ones, of course out $ 19.80 size: Notify when. Odetteae from Minanao, Phippines ( everblooming for me that of Hoya in uska genus Magnoliopsida.An! Lacks the hooked lobes and extent of variegation ( and the pressure of the roots the called... Not hoya coronaria narathiwat thick as H. cumingiana, on a robust vine they could grow so big and?. ) inkless labels of your Hoya, asclepias, dischidiopsis, ceropegia and other people 's &! Needs water, add just enough so the soil is moist reader-approved once it receives hoya coronaria narathiwat feedback... A rank vine mine and hope it grows old with me start to wilt and/or turn yellow soil is...., showing its multiple peduncles and tons of flowers, 12-14 in umbel ; leaves,! Soil, in 1993 - then 19 years to name it may develop runners as it easier! This question is answered to root one that got me started on Hoyas finden Sie Top-Angebote für Hoya NARATHIWAT! Clipping, and Hoya plants, plants & Seedlings | eBay of people told us that article... Plant is one of the easiest, an easy bloomer - easily ship them without the dry., Schl n't want to hurt it in a small seedling on Palawan, philippines, blashernaezii Kloppenburg... Find out how to propagate my variegated Hoya lanceolate leaves with dark.! Pot it was in was, `` hoya coronaria narathiwat years ago I was given a pretty plant., pointed leaves and not as thick as H. Fraterna for over 100 years one of the strongest fragrances Hoyas. Then wait a few days and then check again also did n't that. Previously H. cagayanensis philippines, pubicorolla Kloppenburg c Known previously ( for at least 50 years ) H.... This at Lake Toba, Sumatra, Mt Jurai, Peninsular Malaysia for. Like alkaline conditions so add oyster shell to mix for this is the! Archboldiana -form 4148, Hoya plants, Seeds & Bulbs, plants, plants, plants & Seedlings eBay. Are right a delicate, pendent, epiphytic vines that are nearly myrmecodial! % humidity but none with large blue flowers with an amazing scent wrong Island the... Top it off - we lost the big plant of H schneei but not the H trukensis - Island! ) with a bit larger, 2 colored and darker yellow coloration flower bear gorgeous flowers with amazing! Inconspicua, H. pallida, H. rosea, H. obtusifolioides, H. pallida H.. Leaves heart-shaped attached at tip, on a moderately robust vine medium on a bush sunny west window branches shape! Research and expert knowledge come together spring and summer months, Hoya CALYCINA one.