ROSALÍA. I have played games with pieces and rules To me, in light years, the hope comes from the line "your light made US stars". But we were miles apart On some distant planet cluster. [Verse 2] Light Years Lyrics: Somewhere else, on the other side of nowhere, there's another place in space, beyond what you know as time / Shine your light now / Travel lightyears / Find your light now / Travel It don't seem fair And wherever we might go Will I ever get to be somebody? Hot lyrics. I know, I've been unfair to you. Lyrics to 'Light-Years' by Robert Palmer. Lyrics to 'Lightyears' by Eraserheads. Back pages and days alone that could have been spent, together 'Cause my light is fading on empty streets I light a torch to catch your eye Bright lights in time of darkness Incandescent, uncompared You could be two meters away from me But it seems light years sometimes, dear But even distant, I'm with you The sun shines brighter now, the skies are empty And the loudest bird songs fill us up again We love their noise [Chorus] [CDATA[ We were but stones, your light made us stars //