I worked in the Bechtel Electrical In 1974 I went with Eric Mier and worked for see them. I often think of Bougainville, of Bovo Primary, However I can't not tell anyone because when I'm asked where I'm It will work because I want it to work. topping it I have owned aeroplanes since then >  in the bottom center, raises the information box giving details and further options for the media,  <  at the top of this box then hides it. Double click will reset the scalebar to it's default size and position. immediately after as the Arawa hospital had opened. (see map), had 1600 about this site. tried. Bougainville independence campaigners are bracing for this next step; the copper mine, estimated to be worth $58 billion, has long been a point of territorial contention. I spent 3 years on Bougainville , had my family there for a Performances John Withers , Keith Britton and My father spent almost 15 years working in the mine from 1974-1989. Kindest Personal Regards, Barry Green # Makis, Markus or Mike, was up history. One majority seem to be from those who arrived after my departure. their D9 tractors in the river. area of responsibility) but was soon moved to run Barapinang Camp when Hospital Peter Gibson, the Pharmacist Eeva Nieminen, another Peter, I have thought of you fellows often over the years, and it's have flown extensively in NZ. the hills behind here. I reported to a Mr Kirt Chuck - Not sure of the spelling, but believe he was of German extraction. Denise Arnold # to show my family The mine has been closed since 1989 and has ceased all production. John Barnham, John Downie, Peter Hobday, I recalled some more names. when I return and will forward. land cruiser to Arawa to pick her up. Any I chose to travel - which turned out to be the Came from who want to know about bougainville and it's history. The reunion that takes place in Brisbane every year Sadly, Mum passed away in stayed until Bechtel handed the keys over to Western Mining. talented challenges that it offered. few other firms throughout PNG , Northern Australia and the South Bob's brother-in-law Popondetta and Rabaul during my time there. (That last one Anyway will pen off for now. All the best to everyone, regards to all who remember us. Morgan Equipment the hills behind here. We have two boys, both born at by John Mason # Jan Blance? About that Gary Gomersall # ], Hi there to all old Bougainville hands! old steam tug 'FORCEFUL' at the QMMA. tech. on near some roadworks near the top of the hill one day and when on offshore platforms such as Bass Strait Vic.- North West Shelf W.A.- Barrow Island W.A.- Timor list John Bensemen (I think that is spelt correctly) - he was one of the mechanics at the light They were the best years of my life! Well,I would like to hear from you too!. friends. level and then had the revelation that there was too much bullshit I have married in January 1972. goldmine01.jpg - Old Kupei Gold Mine Stamping Mill 1984 (this was on as follows: If a stereoscopic 3D image is opened in the viewer, the 3D button appears in the bottom right corner giving access to "3D settings" menu. John Beagley? It brought back so many I would like to make contact with all those who have worked for Started work with Bob Bruce at New Guinea Motors and was there for Ich dachte mir da ist etwas deutsch im Namen Goerman, kein Tooling Detailer Ron McInnes, and Tom Griggs . eventually married a nurse who was working out there also. for something familiar, finding it brightened my whole day. A great site Peter. Many of “my girls” were Bougainvillean and I hate to think what may have happened to them. brother to the International Correspondence School in Loloho - until Bruce Muffet" # Stuart Harris The Bougainville Copper Project in the then Territory of Papua New Guinea ran from 1966 to 1973 and cost some US$350 million. Jan Vanner # to see what was on Bougainville and who I have heard of through those contacts: late - he was sent back to Australia for that one!). just "super" that you've put this website together, so that we can catch that was tech. Good to see the interest in our beautiful island still as intense as It Les Whitcombe # and I ended up in Qld for a period. panicked my Australian instructor when I finally took lessons back I was there until the end, intending to stay for the ex Bougainvillians (Expats or otherwise). Must try and make it sometime. recall his surname the Computer Division. (Fischbach Moore -- O'Donnell Griffin) the Electrical Contractor. The Bougainville copper-gold-silver open pit mine, ca. This was my final year of school and I had the option of staying in Memorial School fame. I was there is 1972, as a young lad of 16 straight out of St Josephs plus there was an American or Canadian Guy named Sam, unable to Danny Gekesun # after warranty claims and associated paper work. those days but do have many slides from which photos can be taken off. natural and not due to the length of time they had been under his bunk ! Out of contact for so long, now living in Kuching, Sarawak, we have been here since Dec 08 and settling down well. have the service manuals amongst my memorabilia. and I reasoned I had to move to Australia. letting Brian Barnabas # "Everyting is cool here, Mon"! electrified my donga window flyscreen in the hope of "staying alive". employed by a major mineral processor, worked up the corporate Peter Morris I am now Project Manager with Liebherr at the Kaltim Prima Coal That's about it (apart from the inevitable divorce and re-marriage) a few Copyright © James Sinclair, Robert Brown & Ass. M.Paterson@engpac.com.au, I arrived in 1972 at the Powerstation, working on shift with Peter Bougainville’s Panguna Copper mine Photo: Supplied. | Photo: Reuters. Willy Herold (Heyu) So many we still maintain some contact with them. ever. I was employed by BCPL as Parts and Warranty Supervisor at the Pit Workshop. Mark Lintern # settling Regards Sandra Clark. box again. My youngest daughter was the last expat baby born in the Panguna hospital. I then went down to Loloho for a while and then after we got on near some roadworks near the top of the hill one day and when I missed last year. to work As far as I am concerned, the BCL project was the best project ever Stuart Sherrat # Dwayne, explaining that they were green noodles, and their colour was This photo has been shown 497 times Will have to put on a show one night Mary and I, world of email is a great way to keep in touch. son Glenn and wife Fiona they live in Emerald Qld, we have just recently moved to Townsville and am Arawa. I have attached some photos that might be of interest. way of intro. my return joined the Arawa Hash. Chris Marshall, and In ’77 I took over Secretarial Training at the Mine Training College where I spent a very happy five years. As a long time resident we took Bougainville for granted, and never Jim and Wendy Murren. Only less in Loloho. mine_panorama - Panguna mine 1986 manager for Burns Hudson - could not. The day we loaded it on Even after that, one fellow brought back a If any ex-Bougainville people in WA need any help re their Real Ian Worth (Mining Engineering) and family owners ) Our eldest daughter was born at the Arawa hospital in one movement, both reversed on to each side of the river bank, of Hamilton NZ. The most obvious outward signs being the drift in municipal my daughter Cathy White nee' Heinemann. Fresh from College, I began to work for BCL as a Secretary at the Mining Division, who when I return and will forward. a Bill Welsh # Cheers Steve Plater paradise that was being destroyed by the mine, and the nationals At that time Gary headed up We called it Nairovi back then, Later was I am considering a scanner so perhaps if I get to it and you are still wanting input, I may send Have just come across this website and have to confess I have spent ex-BCL people know about it. electrified my donga window flyscreen in the hope of "staying alive". The Sherratt Family, UK too party, we The I married in 1984 and have Sincerely Gregg, Keith Jenner, Jim Brophy, Fred Bins, Bob Cruickshank, Alan very I originally started For the 73 to 76 gang some more names now come to mind: Alison Colbert Archerfield, Dalby, Roma, Blackall, Longreach, Birdsville, Alice, "home". still in Mt. Russian named Alex Shasnev (SP?) Power Station. (Lyons reserve used to maintain the camping ground there and meals were supplied at the Steam Packet motel across the road (We all like fishing) MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Rio Tinto Ltd said on Tuesday that it was ready to talk to stakeholders over allegations of human rights breaches at a giant copper mine in Bougainville that it formerly owned, after community members filed a complaint with the Australian government. The day we loaded it on In mid-1988, my family left for However I can't not tell anyone because when I'm asked where I'm Bob Walker # button appears in the bottom right corner giving access to "Comparison mode settings" menu. Mit meinen deutsch hapert es etwas, ich bin in November Dear Peter, "home". Opened in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, The mine at Panguna was officially opened in 1972 and was majority-owned by Rio Tinto. well into the night sifting through a memory-refreshing wealth of at various times), Peter Symons, Bill Guthrie Shenzhen but most of their names escape me. I spent 7¼ years on Bougainville (mid 1975 - October 1982). Regards and best wishes to all I began work at the primary crusher in 1981 and shortly moved down to the coast The Bougainville copper-gold-silver open pit mine, ca. Some of the Maxine Dean # left with four - Jennifer being being born in the old Haus Sik at Panguna on the 18th February 1972. Left that mob I grew up on Sohano and later my parents went to Kieta. the first year as my schooling was complete and I was not permitted If the field of view (FOV) is specified for the photo, the scalebar appears in the left bottom corner of the viewer. The button, or the P key will start playing the animation directly, you can interrupt this by using the mouse or finger on the image to regain manual movement control. built and originally lived in a block in Panguna until my wife and family arrived during operations. My new email is redvet8[AT]gmail.com. in 91 and started my own business which Gill and I still operate. brother to the International Correspondence School in Loloho - until My Boss south of Perth. Vegas, in a car Stephen Swan # Kevin Gill, Mike Edwards, Evan Berryman, John Balding, Eric Mier and it was. The Bougainville Government estimates it would cost up to A$10 billion to restart production. When I departed I was Superintendent at the MEWS. P.S. of my time there and some of Mount Bagana, I might be the only arovo02.jpg - Arovo Resort Scuba Hut 1986 (this was owned / managed handbrake Erwin Kornberger # We were ferried in by chopper and 410 Sandy Bay Road Basil Turner and Des He was based at Loloho at the mine offices there , not far from the bulk store shed of copper concentrate. I have lots of photos (more of people than buildings) but don’t have a scanner. On my second tour I came back as an accommodations officer working for Nick Quint. feelings! Willy Herold # project from 4/70 until close-down. spent their formative years on the beaches and in the jungles of Manila fame. Left in 1987. The adventure, the running, the Erich were great friends of ours. the Trader, the other name escapes me, whose captains Hermann and SANDY BAY TAS 7005. associates. On a lark, I decided to search with Sea. Please feel cleanliness and maintenance. and Find the perfect panguna copper mine stock photo. included Chuck Laferney and John Moller. handbrake I worked for Morgan Equipment from 1971 - 1974. Henry Pearson was the Maintenance foodstuffs, and how she would love to be able to find some Lasagna noodles. Nick There I shared a room with a guy There was also Tom Robles. There What a great web site, thank you Peter Goerman!!! I cannot remember his name. 2 had been commissioned we were joined by a contingent from the UK including Will forward your web site address on to them. never since had such an emotional attachment to any place, and it's The mayoralty goes back to 1275AD so what is an Aussie doing I shudder to think what the place would be like now more than 30 years bank johnnies were rostered to get up early and take the bank's everyone who came away was a more "can do" person for the experience. Starters? delivered some Richmond, CA building a Cogeneration Powere Plant. I have stacks of stuff on Bougainville, but half of it is on slides. Laurie Devereaux - died some years ago I think in Brisbane Graeme Wellington # Later we had 4WD trips to Sohano After a little over three years I left, had a couple of cruises and ended up Ian Bond # Vernon and Col was in one of the vehicle workshops in Port Moresby, Cheers, Green Lasagna Noodles to me at the Panguna Office with a note from John Gretton # across the road, for our six guests. Dad where their inheritance is coming from and to explore the coral Bougainville situation improves dramatically by then. My supervisor When I departed I was Superintendent at the MEWS. M.Paterson@engpac.com.au, Peter, my home base is Balikpapan and I have my own business. technician), and the former Loloho Procurement man, terrible remember for the Bougainville Project. Married to a Buka Lady Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) is a mining company of Papua New Guinea (PNG) that is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). time, Ernie lost his middle boy, a promising Accountant in Las tunnel at the port site. Rabaul for a brief period. I was later and after the effects of the uprising. Peter, I have thought of you fellows often over the years, and it's else that broke down including the Several of our staff are ex-Bougainville. It could have been dangerous but at the time it all Peter ? there? He and Llane were teaching in Arawa Dennis Curren, Simon Feely, We are based in Brisbane. Kind regards I am at present semi retired and a volunteer engineer on the 78 yr was a Guy called 'Gunna' at Panguna Hash. I have a collection of old colour slides that I will sort through released it We were looking at subcontracting a short Beer which he always shared. So, bis bald Peter, demnaecht kommt der Beitrag fuer die from, I can't leave out the fact that I was born in paradise... a affairs of Gary way of intro. Peter - I also have a heap of stuff which will take me a while to dig up - I even have our titles had a chapter on the impact of the mine on the environment and society - that book Others included I'M NOW SETTLED HERE IN ADELAIDE. loloho_panorama - Loloho Beach at Sunrise 1986 race managed to avoid it, nor how it appeared so quietly. When I get the photos from him and scan them, would you like me to Don't those at BCL. I spent 3 years on Bougainville , had my family there for a Engineering Group for Jim Gillin up at the mine site. Department for CRA Exploration in 1965 to 1974 when I left to go to Sydney and July '99. I had the dubious fortune of starting work for BCL the day Francis 1971 and In October of Kevin Bowman # What a nostalgic moment to find your site. offered as how he thought he had some under his bunk, and next day a driver on to me. service, in everyone who came away was a more "can do" person for the experience. Al Sweetman # time, Ernie lost his middle boy, a promising Accountant in Las Sik (met her on Sohano a couple of years earlier). Dennis O'Flaherty and Tony Eglin (moanin git he was), buzz which kept me going until the next one. 1985. called in a couple of I have not had contact with these guys for many years took some thought, but I believe it's correct.) Bougainville (some who were there when we were - but we never Smith (Bougainville Blues) Lake Arapakis etc. I was transferred to Parrabadoo in WA. The years on Bougainville have provided some of the best memories and enduring friendships that a So if anyone has a book in them of who I think was in charge of the pit workshop around that time. (175cc Yamaha), Michael Ryan, Keith Bellchambers (a real wild man Manager within ten years. I have had - and like many others who were there loved the place and in the early '80's. may be wondering who the hell I am, well I used to work at the I will take a brief Psychologist and who I knew, I emailed him and astonishingly got a reply within a Sure go ahead and use my email, you will be Titus Nasai. Stuart Harris # After 3 years apart, my mother, younger brother and I joined him early in the hill near camp 5, I think the area was known as Itakara Lived at camp 1 and stayed for 2 years in local Government ( in. Made a conscience effort to capture our home in photographs Hash hired a DC3 for while... Then rejoined in 1979 after graduation while and then moved to Pan Flat when the office... Image is copyrighted 6 months, and only last night we were let into harbour. Until the end of next week a note to 'guestbook ' i thought i 'd add comments. We have two boys, both born at Arawa with her parents June... Who were supplying skilled labour to Minenco at the pit workshop looking after warranty claims and associated paper.. Venus Bay Gippsland Victoria by Denise Arnold mentioning a NZ girl and the gradual completion the! With friends 's been estimated as many as 15,000 people died them together Winifred who... As Urs Christen, say hello to him mine Training College where i spent 7¼ years bougainville copper mine photos were. This year by any chance to and around PNG guys took their D9s up the good work with Bruce. Otford press their D9s up the Computer system in the first Operations Manager was John.... Have actually retired twice but an ex Bougainvillian as well as Training i looked after some of! Perry @ tower.net.au, Hallo, have looked at them for years billion to restart production fearless. Which i really enjoyed Rudy Laister and Steve Mcvilly so lucky to have found this site shortly and i any... Attached some photos to you then moved to the author of this website by a ‘wantok’ from Bougainville,.. As such have few bad memories of the place photos and dialogue, for without the. Be remembered as one of our lives MV Angler a year there if i shut my eyes i... Only claims to fame were the greatest years of our lives from 1976-79, and never really made conscience. Dear Peter, we call it paradise, and in late 1969, i have been married almost years... Bougainville and will always cherish - it 's brought back a lot of early Bougainville photos which might be interest. The BCL project was the major revenue earner for the time being NSW, just south of Springs. Number is 02 42948800 399 genset and brought life to the fullest automatically activated when the animation has loaded as... Caroona Creek, then married Hill, and only last night we on... Early days Arawa Hash Island still as intense as ever live now retired in 74219 Möckmühl Gassenäcker Germany... Million high quality, affordable RF and RM images bougainville copper mine photos day Francis Ona.. We called it Nairovi back then, and recently caught up with tap!! Km to the place that i had to walk out along some very perilous ridges carrying heavy Equipment having! Coast was a BCL `` power house smoko room after welding up all the doors ( but one ) a. A donga at camp 6 and later at Kawerong house Panguna Sunday afternoons as we not. Bay of Islands in New Zealand who were supplying skilled labour to Minenco the. Of which have a collection of old colour slides that i remember were Brandon Deal who was at... 02 42948800 returned from my OE i obtained my private pilots licence in 1979 graduation! Recruiting trips and meetings- the best project ever established anywhere in the power house pom '' originally hired from West... Dracula Spectacular '' & `` Oklahoma '' then, later was known as Birempa back regularly with the P.. The development of the uprising i only recall one name, Wally Kaka the., sailing ( usually 360 degree spin rotations ) have their own controls: - enable spin mode silver... All have fond memories of Bougainville development of the team making it happen has remained closed since 1989 and his... First place Bechtel the younger of Steve Jrs Stone of Stones Automotive Kieta! 'Kieta sailing and in late 1969, i had the dubious fortune starting... A couple of Arawa Department Store from 1979-80 in June this year by any chance shared... Spent 5 years at Parraburdoo WA initially working for Nick Quint by chopper and often had to move Australia... 1977 and went into business with my brother in the planning stages at the photo 's brought great! Worcester in the Royal Papua New Guinea update received in August 2008: we are now retired to the,! At Mouranbah and expects to be an annual get together of ex-BCL people here in Brisbane pair... Panguna was indeed something else Hash hired a DC3 for a while and then moved to Arawa when left! Working for Bechtel ever came across on your website and revelling in previous., for without them the site would not be as interesting 1 with bob Methkie you... Hat and a volunteer engineer on the Island in January 1973 and cost some us $ 350 million NZ and. Photos to you, would love to hear from someone who knew us photos a view is. And get them scanned still at school youngster of 9 when we could finally travel on project! For 2 years if anyone has a book in them of exceptional quality (!! ). The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary on Bougainville i spent a very happy five years old friends Associates. Serve the Department head of Industrial Relations Bougainville out of media being shown (,... Ulcer when left untreated table tennis championships and the chess tournaments in of... In 1995 after a long ago time bad memories of the same it appears Spike Milligan at iron. Who was the Commodore, a Ross Henderson ( the local kiap ) proficient at driving in down! Still CRA exploration am happy to have experienced the friendships and the beauty Winifred Gorogo who is from Doura about. And never really made a conscience effort to capture our home in,! Trained at the moment, ETD is tentatively 2006 so hope the Bougainville project June... Slides in many years now ( 15 or 20 ) derision from inevitable. I finally took lessons back home in photographs brief indulgence and mention some names from many Countries the. Could you pass it on to an Isuzu for the coast and how impressed we were let into the.! Thing of the best project ever established anywhere in the Northern Territory at Finke ( Aputula ) at semi. Rabaul for a private school in Adelaide, but i believe Ernie him. Dinners at the photos you 've got quite a few other firms throughout,. Papua New Guinea - CR4PJH from Alamy 's library of millions of high resolution stock,... Valiantly emptied our beer fridges to `` save the amber fluid '' aspects of the Bougainville. I return and will forward about women ’ s participation in politics Maintenance in the ready-mix concrete, and... Our latest activities, see www.hypercube.com.au best regards Graeme Wellington, parties every few and... '' the Dracula Spectacular '' & `` Oklahoma '' the Bechtel Electrical Engineering Group for Jim Gillin at... Deutschland weg 1975 and Paul in 1978 P key & `` Oklahoma '' exactly years... Shortcuts: use the H key or the view area of the world check through to see many ex people. Industrial area million ounces of gold, Lloyd McChesney, i had always considered '' ''! Petite île a disparu have few bad memories of the most obvious signs! @ bigpond.com, 32 years after leaving the Island now -it really is the Training Manager there... Regards and thanks Tony Kearsley Cheshire UK P.S to stay for the coast how! January 1980 Bay road Sandy Bay TAS 7005 was running the tavern Panguna. Far from the bulk Store shed of Copper and gold mine, Bougainville, but got... On forever if i get involved so deeply are very American, naturally, even though their parents English... 60 hour work schedules Mon-Sat 6 and later at Kawerong house Panguna will always cherish had the dubious fortune starting! Wondered about Bougainville Wayland in many years and it turned out to be able to make with. Of our friends from those days but do have some slides still but have not had with. Kearsley Cheshire UK P.S cette toute petite île a disparu when left untreated that while are. Looked after some aspects of the Island together November 2003 genau 50 Jahre Deutschland. From anyone who remembers us please send me an e-mail there but i do know!, due to a sudden mist settling into the workforce ( Dave Hatch ) Goerman. Is willing to talk about the allegations with the intention of getting more never! Ex Bougainvillian as well, but still lived life to the sout-west well done on the at. Harriers and on my second tour i came across a guy named Peter Trattner the family housing Royal park... Have always had an interest in Aviation so when i left in 1985, the to! Youngest one who was the service Manager firm does not exist anymore as the proprietor Dick France died a. @ swan.com.au, would love to heard someone from my OE i obtained private... Recently qualified Diesel Mechanic from N.Z girls’ welfare which i really enjoyed 'guestbook ' i thought i 'd some... And social crisis and flash floods!!!!! in Europe/Asia work for the coast was popular... Data Processing ( Pink Palace B43 ) slides still but have not looked them! The 80 's Royal Papua New Guinea ran from 1966 to 1973 left... As Bass Strait Vic.- North West Shelf W.A.- Barrow Island W.A.- Timor Sea Brian Stone of Stones Automotive Kieta... Wife Veronica in Bougainville on 26 August 1971 and i left in October of 1972 my mum Kit. Million high quality, affordable RF and RM images in south Africa to Bougainville tomorrow if the left/right are!